Pages: 336
Subject: Popular Science
Imprint: Oneworld


How Everything Moves, from Atoms and Galaxies to Blizzards and Bees

Bob Berman

From the speed of light to moving mountains - and everything in between - Zoom reveals the universe's never-ending journey
9781780745497 (2 Oct 2014)
RRP £8.99

The Book

Sitting still in a quiet room, you might just be able to convince yourself that nothing is moving. But air currents swirl about you. Blood rushes through your veins. The atoms in your chair jiggle furiously. And the planet you are on is whizzing through space 35 times faster than the speed of sound.

In Zoom, Bob Berman takes a thrilling tour around the wondrous and myriad motions that shape every aspect of the universe. Spanning astronomy, geology, biology, meteorology and history, he explains how clouds stay aloft, how the earth's rotation curves a ball's flight, how a mosquito's familiar whine is tuned to a perfect A sharp, how the day gets longer every century, and much more.

Additional Information

Subject Popular Science
Pages 336
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Bob Berman, one of America's top astronomy writers, contributed the popular "Night Watchman” column to Discover for seventeen years. He is the author of The Sun's Heartbeat and is currently a columnist for Astronomy, a host on Northeast Public Radio, and the science editor of the Old Farmer's Almanac. He lives in Willow, New York.


‘Absolutely fascinating… passionate, packed with interesting facts and numbers, and full of colourful details… a delightful book’ 

- BBC Sky at Night


- Daily Mail

‘Berman interweaves a formidable number of facts through the book which light up every page… it all adds up to an entertaining read, leaving you in no doubt how incredible life and the universe we live in really are' Four stars. 

- BBC Focus

‘Bob Berman's The Sun's Heartbeat glitters and skips with the joy and excitement of science at its best. He explains things I always wondered about without diminishing the star-gazer's sense of awe.'

- Mark Kurlansky, author of Salt and Cod

'Berman's pitch-perfect book goes a long way to answering the questions you thought were too dumb to ask, but it does much more than simply provide facts... Berman is a master storyteller'

- New Scientist on The Sun's Heartbeat

'Light-hearted and fun... Above all, the author's enthusiasm for science shines through'

- Wall Street Journal on The Sun's Heartbeat

'Deeply enjoyable... Berman comes across as the world's most enthusiastic science teacher'

- Washington Post on The Sun's Heartbeat

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