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The Wisest One in the Room

Think Clearly. Make Better Decisions. Influence People.

Thomas Gilovich Lee Ross

A brilliant compendium of psychological discoveries that will truly make you wiser, The Wisest One in the Room is an accessible and pragmatic summary of how we perceive and misperceive the world around us, especially the world of other people. As a users’ guide to living on earth, it is concise yet comprehensive, practical and inspiring, enabling us to better understand how to communicate with others and take steps to resolve conflicts both social and political.

  • Publication date: January 19, 2017
  • ISBN: 9781786070555
  • RRP: £10.99
  • Pages: 320


‘A powerful book that brings the best of psychology to bear on the way we live our lives.’

Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author of Blink and Outliers

‘Gilovich and Ross weave social science, history and anecdotes in a compelling way to help us understand human nature.’

Dan Ariely, bestselling author of Predictably Irrational and Behavioural Economics Saved My Dog

'Agreeably accessible'.

Daily Mail

‘Dig deeply into this new volume by prominent social psychologists Gilovich of Cornell University and Ross of Stanford University. In nine very readable chapters, they have mined their field for the gold nuggets—surprising, practical principles derived from many of the best studies in their specialty. The book sparkles with examples...Even though I've taught psychology courses for decades, the authors surprised me repeatedly with these kinds of practical guidelines...Read, be surprised and become wiser.’

Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist, American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, Scientific American

‘Two of the world’s most brilliant social psychologists have distilled the field’s wisdom into a few essential lessons for understanding the fabric of our everyday lives. This is the essential lecture that you never heard in college. Don’t miss it a second time.’

Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University and bestselling author of Stumbling on Happiness

‘“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” Beginning with that George Carlin one-liner, Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross embark on a deep examination of how we all misperceive the people around us. This is a fun book—you'll recognize your own blunders, and those of friends, on almost every page—and also a practical one. Anyone who aspires to be “the Wisest One in the Room” needs this book.’

William Poundstone, author of How to Predict the Unpredictable and

‘A compelling guide to developing real wisdom, as opposed to mere cleverness, in decision-making, relationships, and elsewhere. More than simply a tour of intriguing research, it’s a deeply practical – and, yes, wise – account of the hidden influences on our thinking, by two of the most interesting researchers in the field.’

Oliver Burkeman, author of The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking

“Gilovich and Ross convincingly argue that social psychology has reached the stage where it can help people meet the most important challenges of daily living. Their book provides a comprehensive guide to attaining wisdom that is based on the most powerful insights from the field. Anyone who is dissatisfied with how they deal with ordinary and not so ordinary challenges should read this book.”

Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science, London School of Economics, and author of Happiness by Design

‘With deep insight about theory and research and compelling real-world stories, two great social psychologists explore human triumphs and shortcomings—from heroism and happiness to racism and human conflict. Gilovich and Ross will help you to be more persuasive and less subject to the wiles of marketers, and also better informed about the psychological dimensions of challenges we face as a society. If you want to be wiser, happier, and more successful (and who doesn't), this book is a must read.’

Sonja Lyubomirsky, professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside and bestselling author of The How of Happiness

“Essential reading for politicians and leaders of all kinds. Gilovich and Ross explain how your opponents are rarely as mad or bad as you think; just subject to the same biases and thinking traps that you are.”

Dr Ben Ambridge, Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, University of Liverpool, and author of PsyQ

‘If you want to dramatically improve your “insight quotient,” decision-making and understanding of your fellow humans—this is the book for you. It’s a profound book, of immense personal utility, from two of the world’s greatest social psychologists.’

Claude Steele, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost at University of California, Berkeley

The Wisest One in the Room is a fascinating climb from the valley of thinking traps to the peaks of good decision-making. If you want to learn how to think more clearly, read this book.”

Dr Rolf Dobelli, author of the global bestseller The Art of Thinking Clearly

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