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Sea of Eden

Andrés Ibáñez

The epic literary adventure novel that has transfixed readers and critics alike in Spain

En route from Los Angeles to Singapore, a passenger plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean. Dozens of passengers survive, but with no means of contacting the outside world and no sign of rescue on the horizon, they must build a new life on a small, seemingly deserted island. The eclectic group of survivors – which includes two Mormons, a Catholic bishop, a yoga guru, and a Chilean writer with the mysterious moniker Roberto B. – soon learn that nothing is quite as it seems in their new home.

With its cinematic, vivid prose and unforgettable cast of characters, Sea of Eden is at once a bold commentary on the way we live now and a gripping adventure novel. Echoing the best of David Mitchell, Haruki Murakami and Thomas Pynchon, this is already considered a modern classic in Spain, expertly translated here by Sophie Hughes.


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