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A Beginner's Guide

Kevin Hart

Adopting the role of tour guide, award-winning writer Kevin Hart leads the reader through the pitfalls, conundrums and complexities that characterize postmodernism, while providing an overview of the many different approaches (philosophical, cultural, literary…) to the subject. All the major thinkers are introduced – from Derrida to Blanchot, Irigaray to Foucault, and more besides – while the book is unique among introductory guides in its consideration of the role of religion in a postmodern world.

  • Publication date: April 26, 2004
  • ISBN: 9781851683383
  • RRP: £9.99
  • Pages: 192
  • Publication date: April 1, 2004
  • ISBN: 9781780740447
  • RRP: £4.99
  • Pages: 192


"Postmodernism exegesis questions not only the 'grand canonical narrative' allegedly supposed by or encoded in the Bible; it also attacks the modern project of historical criticism. Hart discusses the work of Harold Bloom and M. Blaanchot, as well as J. Derrida's view of the Bible."
International Review of Biblical Studies
"Hart succeeds remarkably well in providing an accessible and surprisingly comprehensive introduction to postmodern thought."
European Legacy

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is Professor English at the University of Notre Dame, Illinois, USA. He is the author or editor of 15 books, and has published seven collections of poetry, the most recent of which is Flame Tree: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe, 2001).

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