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Imprint: Oneworld Academic

Subject: Religion

Patterns of Faith Around the World

Wilfred Cantwell Smith

Wilfred Cantwell Smith investigates and contemplates religious experience in a variety of different traditions. This book is for those who seek understanding and tolerance of others and serves to reaffirm one’s own faith, or illuminate one’s lack of it, by revealing how others find paths to God.

  • Publication date: July 1, 1998
  • ISBN: 9781851681648
  • RRP: £17.00
  • Pages: 160

Wilfred Cantwell Smith

Wilfred Cantwell Smith is Professor Emeritus of the Comparative History of Religion at Harvard and was also Chairman of the Study of Religion there. His academic career has taken him from Lahore, India, through Montreal to Harvard. He has published many academic texts as well as journal articles, and has been on the editorial board of seven scholarly journals in the UK and overseas.

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