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Confronting Our Vanishing Democracy in 8 Cases

Sam Fowles

‘A fascinating insider account’ Grace Blakeley

British democracy is on trial. We can no longer hold our leaders to account; the state has too much power; and the truth doesn’t matter at all. Those we voted into government have nothing but contempt for the democratic
system that got them there.

When the Prime Minister illegally prorogued Parliament, barrister Sam Fowles was part of the team that took him to court, and won. The scenes of the police violently restraining women
at a vigil for Sarah Everard shook the nation. In a high-profile parliamentary inquiry, Fowles proved the Met’s actions fundamentally breached our right to protest. For decades, the Post Office pursued criminal prosecutions against its own employees, knowing the evidence was dodgy all along. Fowles helped reveal the rot at the heart of a trusted national institution.

We shouldn’t have to take our rulers to court just to get them to follow the rules. At a crucial juncture for British governance, Fowles urges us not to take our freedoms for granted.

  • Publication date: April 6, 2023
  • ISBN: 9780861545322
  • RRP: £10.99
  • Pages: 256
  • Publication date: June 23, 2022
  • ISBN: 9780861542475
  • RRP: £16.99
  • Pages: 256
  • Publication date: June 23, 2022
  • ISBN: 9780861542482
  • RRP: £9.99
  • Pages: 240


'Unflinching, brilliant.'


Overruled is a fascinating insider account of the complex and opaque British legal system, and a timely warning about the steady erosion of British democracy at the hands of unaccountable elites.’

Grace Blakeley, author of Stolen

‘A compelling description of a barren political landscape… This is about the power of the people rather than the people in power.’

Michael Mansfield QC

'[A] unique insight into what has gone wrong and how to begin the process of mending our constitution'

The TimesRobert Verkaik

‘Sam Fowles has seen the way the UK constitution works – and doesn’t – up close. In this invigorating new book he brings his expertise to bear in asking whether UK democracy is in peril – and what we can do about it.’

Alex Dean, Prospect

‘An incisive and vigorous investigation into how excessive executive power threatens democracy by sidestepping accountability and scrutiny. Enlivened by historical and courtroom anecdotes, this exploration of our unwritten constitution is easily accessible to all.’

Owen Bowcott, former legal affairs correspondent at the Guardian

Sam Fowles

Dr Sam Fowles is a barrister specialising in public and constitutional law, with experience of law in the UK, US, Australia, and at the Council of Europe. He has worked on many of the most significant political cases of recent years. He regularly appears in the media including on the BBC, Sky and Al Jazeera.

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