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No Worse Enemy

Ben Anderson

The war in Afghanistan is over ten years old. It has cost countless lives and hundreds of billions of dollars. Politicians talk of progress, but the violence is worse than ever. In this powerful and shocking expose from the front lines in Helmand province, leading journalist and documentary-maker Ben Anderson (HBO, BBC, the Discovery Channel) shows just how bad it has got. Detailing battles that last for days, only to be fought again weeks later, Anderson survives IED explosions and sniper fire, and witnesses the disturbing incompetence among the Afghan army and police. Also revealing the daily struggle to win over the long-suffering local population, who often express open support for the Taliban, No Worse Enemy is a heartbreaking insight into the daily struggles facing US troops. Raising urgent questions about our recent and current strategies in Afghanistan, Anderson highlights the vast gulf that exists between what we are told and what is actually happening on the ground. A product of five years unrivalled access to the US Marines and UK Forces often for months at a time and amidst the worst violence the conflict has seen this is the most intimate and horrifying account of the Afghan war you will read.

  • Publication date: October 1, 2011
  • ISBN: 9781851688579
  • RRP: £12.99
  • Pages: 288


Compelling and brilliant Ben Anderson presents the reader with an extraordinary account of the tragedies in the Afghanistan war. --Regulo Zapata, Green Beret Special Forces (Ret) and author of Desperate Lands: The War on Terror Through the Eyes of a Special Forces Soldier

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is an acclaimed journalist and documentary film-maker. In a career spanning fourteen years, he has filmed, presented, and produced over forty films for the BBC, Channel 4, HBO, and the Discovery Channel. He has presented five of his own series for BBC2, fronted four programmes for Panorama, and one for Dispatches, and was twice a finalist for the RTS Young Journalist of the Year award. In addition, he has written for The Times, GQ, and the London Review of Books. When not reporting from the field, he lives in London.

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