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Information Generation

How Data Rule our World

David Hand

Wherever you look, information is staring back at you. It’s on road-signs, newspapers, computer screens, even this page. When you think about it, nearly our whole lives are spent processing information and deciding what to do with it. Our actions are motivated by beliefs which are formulated depending on the data available to us.

Information Generation is the story of the seminal role data plays in our lives and explains how the advance of our civilization has come hand in hand with our ability to collect and interpret data. Starting with occasional scratching on cave walls, eminent statistician David J. Hand guides us right up to the modern era where society is completely dependent on an abundance of data systems for its very survival. Teeming with varied and interesting examples of the role of data, Hand’s book offers an accessible and beautifully written account to one of the most underrated and hugely important concepts in human society today.

  • Publication date: October 26, 2006
  • ISBN: 9781851684458
  • RRP: £16.99
  • Pages: 288


"A door to a new research field with many insights on data and data analysis. It is an excellent narrative."
Computer Statistics, Journal of
"If you are, or you want to be, a statistician, if you are teaching or learning statistics and you want to see beyond the syllabus, or if you simply wish to understand better the role that information, good and bad, plays in modern life, read this book."
Teaching Statistics
"Professor Hand has provided a vade mecum for navigating safely and sanely through such data barrages. Sprightly writing and wide-ranging historical allusions make this book a delight to read."
Toronto Star
"The book is very absorbing and informative"
international statistical review
"highly informative and occasionally eloquent"
The Times Literary Supplement
"Book is well written, [it’s] clear and engaging"

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