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Call and Response

Gothataone Moeng

A richly drawn collection of stories about the lives of women navigating love, loss, tradition and independence in contemporary Botswana

  • Publication date: February 2, 2023
  • ISBN: 9780861543359
  • RRP: £6.99
  • Pages: 304


'A good short story is a bit of alchemy, showing us so much in so few pages. Gothataone Moeng's debut collection does this over and over, each story surprising with its music, its warmth, its command of language. Moeng writes of contemporary Africa, and if the settings and customs feel unfamiliar to Western readers, there's something universal and true in these tales that grapple with family, faith, and how we make our way in the world.'

Rumaan Alam, author of Leave the World Behind

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