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Body Shopping

Donna Dickenson

Advances in modern technology are turning our tissues, genes, and organs into ‘the currency of the future’. From beauty junkies to the international organ trade, Donna Dickenson reveals the ingenious ways in which body parts are converted into commodities. The true scale is immense: almost one in five human genes is the subject of a patent, and everything is fair game for profit-makers—from individual eggs to the genetic profile of an entire population. This gripping book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the ownership and commercial use of our bodies and those of our loved ones. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Dickenson scrutinizes the evolving legal position, the historical long view, and the latest biomedical research, and suggests new strategies to bring the biotechnology industry to heel.

  • Publication date: April 1, 2008
  • ISBN: 9781851685912
  • RRP: £16.99
  • Pages: 320


"The body as cash cow, an expos
Publishing News
'Body Shopping' contains salutary lessons in medical ethics, and demonstrates the frightening speed with which the formerly grotesque can become accepted as the norm. The interested layman, medical or biomedical student will find the book informative and thought-provoking.
"A timely book, Donna Dickenson's intelligent and disturbing polemic attacks the complacency of doctors and legislators across the political spectrum who see the the increasing commoditisation of human tissue-from gene patenting and egg donation to transplant tissue and modern-day grave robbing as inevitable and irreversible."
The Observer
"Body Shopping is ambitious and thoughtful … This book could not be more timely … a chilling account of the trade in human body parts … If there is any doubt over whether the human body is a global commodity, Dickenson ably puts it to rest."
New Scientist
"Dickenson’s book is a scandal a page; horror writers in a search of a plot would do well to consult it … It is also a thoughtful, intelligent, highly readable work written by someone with impeccable credentials... Gently, thoroughly and reasonably calmly, she guides us through a new world of horrific possibilities..."
Financial Times
"Do we `own' our bodies, and if not, who does? Medical ethicist Dickenson combines lucid explanations of legal arguments and case studies with a thought-provoking polemicism."
The Guardian
"This is a horrifying book. It isn't news that human tissue and organs are bought and sold, but it is horrifying to learn the extent, the heartlessness and sometimes the ghoulishness of this international trade."
The Sunday Times
"an interesting and thought-provoking examination of the ownership and growing ‘consumerisation’ of parts of the body from cradle to grave"
The Times Educational Supplement
"Body Shopping is essential reading for those who work in the medical profession. I defy anyone to read this book without being just a little shocked."
"This book has come at just the right time"
BBC Focus

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