War and Peacekeeping

Pages: 336
Subject: Current Affairs, Biography, Politics
Imprint: Oneworld

War and Peacekeeping

Personal Reflections on Conflict and Lasting Peace

Martin Bell

Following a sixty-year journey from war to peace, from soldier to UNICEF ambassador, Martin Bell reflects on war and peacekeeping, and where they stand today
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The Book

There are no winners in war, only losers. We have so far avoided a third world war, but across the globe regional conflicts flare up in a seemingly unstoppable cycle. Who can stand between the armed camps? 

Over six decades, Martin Bell has stood in eighteen war zones - as a soldier, a reporter and a UNICEF ambassador. Now he looks back on our efforts to keep the peace since the end of the Second World War and the birth of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the new State of Israel. 

From the failures of Bosnia, Rwanda and South Sudan to nationalism's resurgence and the distribution of alternative facts across a darkening political landscape, Bell calls for us to learn from past mistakes - before it's too late.

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Subject Current Affairs, Biography, Politics
Pages 336
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Martin Bell is both a former BBC war correspondent and a former MP. His previous books include War and the Death of News, Through the Gates of Fire and An Accidental MP. He is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He lives in Barnet, north London.


‘Martin Bell is the finest foreign correspondent of his generation.'

- John Laurence, author of The Cat from Hué: A Vietnam War Story

‘When I was a young reporter Martin Bell was the TV journalist we all wanted to turn into one day: brave, ferociously principled, unshowy, beautifully spare and articulate, and always uncompromising in preferring what was true to what was spuriously ‘balanced'. These qualities leap off the pages of this powerful and penetrating memoir-come-manifesto. His is a voice of clarity, compassion and towering authority. When I was young I wanted to be just like him. I still do.'

- Allan Little

‘In my view and without doubt Martin Bell was the finest war reporter of his generation. Martin's personal reflections on not just Bosnia but so many other hotspots of the World flow easily, are hugely perceptive and simply get it. He is a master of emotive depiction and his words bring every situation he describes to life. I have not been able to put this book down since I received it.'

- Colonel Bob Stewart MP

‘Bell writes well and he has witnessed many interesting things in his long career… Martin Bell is clearly and transparently a decent and, in some respects, heroic man.'

- Adrian Weale, Literary Review

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