Volt Rush

Pages: 304
Subject: Current Affairs
Imprint: Oneworld

Volt Rush

The Dilemma of Going Electric

Henry Sanderson

The winners and losers in the race to go green
9780861543755 (28 Jul 2022)
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The Book

In the twentieth century, wealth and power was dictated by access to oil. This century will have different kingmakers, perhaps different wars.

We depend on a handful of metals and rare earths to power our phones and computers. Increasingly, we rely on them to power our cars and our homes. Whoever controls these finite commodities will become rich beyond imagining.

Sanderson journeys to meet the characters, companies, and nations scrambling for the new resources, linking remote mines in the Congo and Chile's Atacama Desert to giant Chinese battery factories, shadowy commodity traders, secretive billionaires, a new generation of scientists attempting to solve the dilemma of a ‘greener' world.

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Subject Current Affairs
Pages 304
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Henry Sanderson has covered commodities and mining for the Financial Times in London for the last six years, and has written widely about the resource implications of our move towards clean energy. He was previously a reporter in China for Bloomberg, where he co-authored an academic book about China's state capitalism and its largest overseas lender, China's Superbank (Bloomberg Press, 2013). A Chinese speaker, he has been interviewed by the BBC, Bloomberg Television, CNBC, and Charlie Rose. He tweets at @hjesanderson.