Victims of the Cultural Revolution

Pages: 592
Subject: History
Imprint: Oneworld Academic

Victims of the Cultural Revolution

A People’s History

Youqin Wang

The greatest purpose of history is to gather up what is about to be lost for ever.
9780861542239 (23 Feb 2023)
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The Book

China's Cultural Revolution ended less than fifty years ago, but already it is passing from memory. Its victims number in the millions, and yet their stories remain untold. 

For over forty years, Professor Wang Youqin of Chicago University has been working to gather oral testimony on the Cultural Revolution, and has amassed the accounts of more than 600 victims.

Collected here for the first time, Victims of the Cultural Revolution is a monument to the suffering of the people in one of the most brutal periods in modern China, restored to history before it is forgotten.

Additional Information

Subject History
Pages 592
Imprint Oneworld Academic



I find this book to have enormous historical value, and believe it will serve as a foundation for future historians carrying out research into the political, educational, and social history of this period.'

- Yu Ying-shih, Emeritus Professor of East Asian Studies and History at Princeton University

‘Wang Youqin is one of a number of Chinese-born scholars in the United States who have been undertaking the Cultural Revolution research that cannot be done in China.  In this book, Professor Wang takes a very important step in the direction of making her fellow Chinese confront their recent past.'

- Roderick MacFaquhar, Leroy B. Williams Professor of History and Political Science and former Director of the John King Fairbank Center for East Asian Research at Harvard University