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When Ideology Meets Reality

Helen Joyce

How gender identity conquered the world and what it means for women, children, gay people and the sporting community
9780861540495 (29 Jul 2021)
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The Book

Knowing more has never meant more.

Gender identity ideology is about more than twitter storms and using the right pronouns. In just ten years, laws, company policies, school and university curricula, sport, medical protocols, and the media have been reshaped to privilege self-declared gender identity over biological sex.

People are being sacked and silenced for attempting to understand the consequences of redefining ‘man' and ‘woman'. While compassion for transgender lives is well-intentioned, it is stifling much-needed inquiry into the significance of our bodies, particularly with regard to women's rights, fairness in sport, and children's development.

If we recommit to our liberal values of freedom of belief, freedom of speech and robust debate, we stand the chance of addressing what is really at stake.

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Pages 320
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Helen Joyce is a senior staff journalist at The Economist, where she has worked for 15 years. Since becoming interested in gender-identity issues, she has written a number of articles and editorials on the topic for The Economist and other outlets. She tweets at @HJoyceGender