Think Yourself Happy

Pages: 176
Subject: Psychology
Imprint: Oneworld
Illustrations: ill

Think Yourself Happy

The Simple 6-Step Programme to Change Your Life from Within

Rick Norris

Discover lasting happiness without the struggle

The Book

Stress, anxiety, and depression are more common than ever before. When the 21st-century dream is to have it all - high-powered jobs, happy families, exotic holidays, a beautiful body, and the ideal home - many minds simply cannot cope if we fail to match up. Explaining why this cycle is so hard to break and exactly what you can do about it, Dr Rick Norris presents advice that you know you should take: accept yourself for who you are, prioritise what really matters, reject notions of perfection, plan for a happier future; and the 6 easy steps that make it all possible.

Additional Information

Subject Psychology
Pages 176
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations ill


About the Author

Dr Rick Norris is a Chartered Psychologist and visiting Consultant Psychologist for the NHS. He co-founded Mind Help Development which specialises in providing self-help counselling and guidance.