The Weight of Loss

Pages: 256
Subject: Fiction
Imprint: Oneworld

The Weight of Loss

Sally Oliver

A visit to a health retreat takes a horrifyingly dark twist...
9780861541126 (2 Jun 2022)
RRP £14.99

The Book

A visit to a health retreat takes a horrifyingly dark twist...

Marianne is grieving. Still reeling from the loss of her sister, she wakes up one day to discover a thick, black hair protruding from her spine. Her doctor assures her that the inexplicable growth is a physical reaction to grief. Forced to admit that she isn't coping, Marianne accepts the offer of a quiet recovery at Nede, a remote health retreat in the Welsh countryside.

But all is not as it seems at Nede, and Marianne feels herself starting to lose control: of her body, her mind, and her memories... Why are her fellow patients so unwilling to talk? Can she trust the staff who claim to be so keen to help her?

The escape she has craved for so long might finally be possible. But it will come at a terrible price...

Exhilaratingly dark and hauntingly beautiful, The Weight of Loss is a spine-tingling debut about grief and obsession, with a shocking twist of an ending that will leave your heart pounding...

Additional Information

Subject Fiction
Pages 256
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Sally Oliver is a writer with a Master's degree in English from Lancaster University. She began her career in publishing in 2015, and has worked in Sales, Marketing and Rights. Her writing has appeared in publications including the Riding Light Review and the Blueshift Journal. The Weight of Loss is her debut novel.