The Twelve Strange Days of Christmas

Pages: 208
Subject: Fiction
Imprint: Point Blank

The Twelve Strange Days of Christmas

Syd Moore

Christmas is around the too are all manner of spooky apparitions at the Essex Witch Museum
9781786076809 (26 Sep 2019)
RRP £6.99 / US$12.95

The Book

Christmas is around the too are all manner of spooky apparitions at the Essex Witch Museum

Rosie Strange can't seem to catch a break. The past always seems to come knocking in Adders Fork, forcing her and partner Sam Stone to investigate. In this collection of twelve short stories, featuring characters past and present from beyond the Essex Witch Museum, all manner of creepy ghosts, howling spectres and otherworldly oddities come out of hiding.  

Additional Information

Subject Fiction
Pages 208
Imprint Point Blank



'This is a great collection of seasonal stories just right to be popped into a Christmas stocking. Recommended.'

- Mystery People

Praise for Syd Moore:

Strange Magic is that rarest of things: a book which sets out unashamedly to entertain, and does so with wit, style, and erudition. I gleefully submitted to a tale of witchcraft, feminism, mysterious strangers, historical atrocities, plucky heroines and ghastly apparitions - and came away more proud than ever to be an Essex girl.' Sarah Perry, author of The Essex Serpent and Melmoth

'A fun and thrilling read, one hugely impressive element is that Moore uses her light tone and intricate character relationships to address some serious points - ranging from people trafficking through to the derogatory stereotype of the Essex Girl. Lead character Rosie Strange is a woman to be admired with her ballsy, no-nonsense attitude, excellent boots and compelling family history. I can't wait to see more of Rosie, Sam and the Essex Witch museum in the future.' Cathi Unsworth, author of Weirdo

‘Dennis Wheatley meets Caitlin Moran.' Starburst

'The Strange novels are a breath of fresh air for fans of supernatural mysteries...all fantastic books...I can't recommend them highly enough' Paranormal Underground