The Soldier’s Curse

Pages: 384
Imprint: Point Blank

The Soldier’s Curse

Monsarrat Series Book 1

Meg and Tom Keneally

9781786071996 (2 Nov 2017)
RRP £16.99

The Book

In an Australian penal colony at the edge of the known world, gentleman convict Hugh Monserrat has risen from convicted forger to trusted clerk of the settlement's commandant.

Not long after the commandant heads off in search of a rumoured river, his beautiful wife Honora falls ill with a sickness the doctor is unable to identify. And when Honora dies, it becomes clear she has been slowly poisoned.

Monsarrat and perceptive housekeeper Mrs Mulrooney feel suspicious as regards the motives of Captain Diamond, the commandant's second-in-command. In a trice Diamond has Mrs Mulrooney arrested for murder. To save his new friend from the hangman's noose, Monsarrat must go all out to unmask the real killer.

Additional Information

Pages 384
Imprint Point Blank


About the Author

Tom Keneally won the 1982 Booker Prize with Schindler's Ark, later made into the Academy Award-winning film Schindler's List. His novels The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, Gossip from the Forest and Confederates were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

His daughter Meg Keneally has been a journalist and radio producer, and has spent more than ten years working in corporate affairs for listed financial services companies.

Both live in Australia.


‘The evocation of place and time is splendid.'

- Mail on Sunday

'Introduces a totally different kind of detective, while at the same time exploring with perception and wit the forces that shaped a nation...the father and daughter duo have hit on a real winner.'


- Crime Review

'The Keneallys have produced a murder mystery of admirable depth.'

- Sunday Times

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