The Secret War with Iran

Pages: 432
Subject: History, Politics
Imprint: Oneworld

The Secret War with Iran

The 30-year Covert Struggle for Control of a Rogue State

Ronen Bergman

With nuclear aspirations, an Islamic theocracy, oil riches, and a leadership given to inflammatory rhetoric, Iran is the bogeyman of global politics. This book presents an account of a vast conflict being fought under the public's radar. It provides insight into the power struggle at the heart of the Middle East.
9781851686766 (16 Apr 2009)
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The Book

While many now fear a looming war with Iran, few know that this war is already raging and has been doing so for the past three decades.

Starting from the aftermath of the Iranian revolution, intelligence expert Ronen Bergman details the complex array of political manoeuvring, assassination attempts, arms trading, and suicide bombs that have characterised the secret war between Iran and the intelligence services of Israel and the United States. Drawing on interviews with a plethora of intelligence agents from all sides, this is a riveting exploration of the growing influence of Iran in the Middle East, and the covert activities of the CIA and Mossad to tackle Iran and its political ambitions.

Additional Information

Subject History, Politics
Pages 432
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Following a PhD from Cambridge University, Ronen Bergman teaches investigative jounalism at Tel-Aviv University, and is currently the senior security and intelligence correspondent for Israel's largest daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.


"An enthralling read"

- The Economist

"Thoroughly researched and persuasively argued."

- Publishers Weekly

"Ronen Bergman has managed to pull off that much-vaunted trick, beloved of blurb-writers, of making a serious ivestigative boook read like a thriller."

- Jewish Chronicle