The Qur'an

Pages: 304
Subject: Religion: Islam
Series: The Foundations of Islam
Imprint: Oneworld
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The Qur'an

An Introduction

Anna M. Gade

The bedrock of the Islamic faith, the Qur'an is revered by Muslims as Allah's final revelation, offering divine guidance to humankind. A seamless blend of narrative, description, parable, and law, it is a moral code for over a billion people. This study provides insights into the many different ways that the Qur'an has been read and interpreted.
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The Book

Explaining the language and the major themes of the Qur'an, its unique literary structure, and its alleged "inimitability", Gade highlights how it seamlessly weaves together law, narrative, description and parable. With extensive extracts, illustrations, and detailed insights into its textual history, The Qur'an: An Introduction helps those coming to the translated text for the first time and it explains the unique issues that Qur'anic translation raises.

Exploring how a huge variety of topics are dealt with in the Qur'an, from gender and conflict, to mysticism, and even ecological crisis, both students and general readers will find this an invaluable primer.

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Subject Religion: Islam
Series The Foundations of Islam
Pages 304
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations Illustrations


About the Author

Anna M. Gade is Senior Lecturer at the Religious Studies Programme, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

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