The Parentations

Pages: 496
Imprint: Point Blank

The Parentations

Kate Mayfield

9781786072429 (29 Mar 2018)
RRP £14.99

The Book

Eighteenth-century London and the lives of the sisters Fitzgerald, Constance and Verity, become entwined with the nearby Fowler household. For Clovis Fowler,whose unearthly Nordic beauty belies a ruthless thirst for power, and husband Finn, a Limehouse thief, have agreed to provide safe harbour to a mysterious baby.

The puzzling phenomenon binding them close arose unexpectedly from deep within the savage but beautiful landscape of Iceland, where a hidden pool of water grants those who drink from it endless life. But those who sip from the waterfall discover all too quickly that immortality is no gift.

To preserve the life of this strange baby from those who wish him harm means that all concerned must remain undiscovered for more than two hundred years. And, as the centuries creep thither, one in their enclave proves more menacing than those who pursue them. Worse, the life-giving pool that sustains them all, runs dry…

Additional Information

Pages 496
Imprint Point Blank


About the Author

After KATE MAYFIELD was born she was taken directly to a funeral home. Her father, an undertaker, set up shop in a small town in southern Kentucky where the family resided in his funeral home for thirteen years. This is the setting of her memoir, The Undertaker's Daughter. Kate attended Western Kentucky University before moving to Manhattan where she graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After living in New York and Los Angeles, she now makes London her home.

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The Parentations is beautiful, innovative and atmospheric. I was completely captivated.'

- Anna Mazzola, author of The Unseeing

‘Epic. Gothic. Magic. Somebody better snap up the film rights.'

- Jane Harris, author of The Observations and Sugar Money

‘Reminiscent of both Carr's Alienist and Norfolk's John Saturnall's Feast, this debut novel is utterly compelling - acute plotting, vivid characters and writing so accomplished that Mayfield has you by the throat from the very start.'

- Kate Colquhoun, author of Mr Briggs' Hat

'Mayfield's delightfully rich and uncanny novel, The Parentations, manages to be pacy and addictive, while simultaneously asking profound questions about life and death. Quite unlike anything I've ever read before.'

- Ben Fergusson, author of The Spring of Kasper Meier

'The Parentations is a story told on an epic scale, taking the reader from the wilds of 18th century Iceland to present day Camden Town, and which is as much about the nature of love as it is about the nature of evil. Kate Mayfield weaves her uncanny tale with rich historical detail, creating an atmospheric read which is vivid and compelling.'

- Sophia Tobin, author of The Silversmith's Wife, The Widow's Confession, and The Vanishing

'So inventive and unexpected and original.'

- Sally Magnusson, broadcaster, presenter, and author of Where Memories Go and The Sealwoman's Gift

‘An ambitious, wildly imaginative masterpiece.'

- Isobel Costello, author of the bestselling Paris Mon Amour

‘A hugely impressive novel - I loved it.'

- William Ryan, author of The Holy Thief

The Parentations has all the twists, richness and atmosphere of a dark Dickensian epic but with a tale that casts its net over two centuries. It's rare for a debut novel to have this much ambition and flair but what Kate Mayfield promises in The Parentations she delivers in spades.'

- Jason Hewitt, author of The Dynamite Room and Devastation Road

‘The Parentations turns the epic on its head...The research is gripping and the ambition breathtaking, and the journey this story takes you on is quite unlike any other I've experienced.'

- Lloyd Shepherd, author of The English Monster

‘A strange and marvellous tale of death and long, long life from a startling imagination.  A joy to read.'



- Michael Ridpath, author of the bestselling Fire & Ice series