The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs

Pages: 224
Imprint: Oneworld

The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs

Foreword by Chandran Nair
A compilation of stunning images and compelling stories capturing the variety of unusual ways in which people all over the world venture out on their own to make a living

The Book

96 countries | 91 types of business | 100 ways to live your life

The Other Hundred Entrepreneurs is a unique photo-book showcasing the stories of everyday entrepreneurs whose achievements deserve to be celebrated, part of a unique global initiative to provide a counterpoint to the mainstream media consensus about some of today's most important issues. Instead of conventional success stories about tech billionaires and elite MBAs, the book contains 100 stories of everyday people who have started businesses, big and small, and taken control of their lives. These entrepreneurs run their own businesses without ever hiring an investment bank, planning an exit strategy, dreaming of an IPO or even receiving a loan. Together, these portraits from all over the world present a more representative picture of entrepreneurship than the one we get from the covers of Forbes, Fortune or SUCCESS Magazine.

The first book in The Other Hundred initiative celebrated a richly diverse selection of ordinary people living extraordinary lives all over the world.

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Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

The Other Hundred is an independent Hong Kong-based pan-Asian think tank focused on advancing a deeper understanding of international issues. These include the shift of economic and political influence from the West to the East, the dynamic relationship between business and society, the reshaping of the rules of global capitalism, the implications of technology overreach on society and resource constraints.