The Mantle of the Prophet

Pages: 432
Subject: Religion: Islam
Imprint: Oneworld

The Mantle of the Prophet

Religion and Politics in Iran

Roy Mottahedeh

A new edition of Mottahedeh's gripping account of Islam and Politics in revolutionary Iran.
9781851686162 (1 Oct 2008)
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The Book

Drawn from the first-hand accounts of eyewitnesses, Roy Mottahedeh's absorbing tale of Islam and Politics in revolutionary Iran is widely regarded as one of the best records of that turbulent time ever written.

This revised edition includes a new chronology detailing events in Iran from the revolution right up to the present day and Ahmadinejad's controversial regime. There is simply no better resource for understanding Iran's past, present, and future.

Additional Information

Subject Religion: Islam
Pages 432
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Roy Mottahedeh is Gurney Professor of Islamic History at Harvard University. An internationallly renowned expert, his academic awards include a Guggenheim and a MacArthur Prize Fellowship.


"Mottahedeh has drawn on a massive amount of learning, but he has got the scholarly apparatus out of the way and made his book accessible to a wide audience."

- New York Times Book Review

"He has a sharp feeling for the sensous aspects of the traditional Iranian town - the texture of bricks and tiles, the movement of breezes, the sound of the side alley, the precious burst of greenery and of trees."

- The Times Literary Supplement

"A remarkable treasure."

- The Wall Street Journal

"The beauty of [Mottahedeh's] book is in his ability to explain sophisticated ideas and difficult subjects in a way which is widely accessible… an extraordinary book."

- London Review of Books

"One of the top 75 books of the twentieth century"

- Foreign Affairs

"The graceful prose and factual command… make [this book] a fascinating read."

- San Francisco Chronicle

Even with news breaking daily in Iran, the first book I send myself and other readers back to has to be Roy Mottahedeh's "The Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran,” which was first published in 1985. A professor at Harvard, Mottahedeh has written an intellectual history as stirring and graceful as any novel. He sets the intimate biography of a young cleric against the vast epic of Iranian thought from Zoroaster to Avicenna, Kasravi to Khomeini. "The Mantle of the Prophet” is literary, learned, and deeply felt; the writing is splendid, and the story is an education for the Western reader unaware of the powerful tides of Shi'ite and Persian thought over a period of centuries.

- The New Yorker