The Longest Story

Pages: 416
Subject: Nature, History
Imprint: Oneworld

The Longest Story

How humans have loved, hated and misunderstood other species

Richard Girling

Why do we treat our dogs as people but prefer pigs as bacon?
9780861540563 (1 Jul 2021)
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The Book

The history of humanity's relationship with other species is baffling. Without animals there would be no us. We are all fellow travellers on the same evolutionary journey. By charting the love-hate story of people and animals, from their first acquaintance in deep prehistory to the present and beyond, Richard Girling reveals how and where our attitudes towards animals began - and how they have persisted, been warped and become magnified ever since.

In dazzling prose, The Longest Story tells of the cumulative influence of theologians, writers, artists, warriors, philosophers, farmers, activists and scientists across the centuries, now locking us into debates on farming, extinction, animal rights, pets, experiments and religion.

Additional Information

Subject Nature, History
Pages 416
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Richard Girling is an award-winning writer and the author of eight critically acclaimed books, including The Man Who Ate the Zoo. He has been centrally involved in environmental journalism since the early 1970s, pioneering writing about climate change and species loss in national newspapers. He lives in north Norfolk.


‘An extraordinary book, brimming with wisdom and insight. Richard Girling holds up a horrifying mirror for us: how can the cleverest creature on earth be so unutterably stupid?'

- Nicholas Evans, author of The Horse Whisperer

‘A wonderful book…a tour de force'

- Jonathan Dimbleby on The Hunt for the Golden Mole

‘Tumultuously entertaining.... irresistibly engaging.'

- John Carey, Sunday Times, on The Hunt for the Golden Mole