The Health of Nations

Pages: 304
Subject: Health, Science
Imprint: Oneworld
Illustrations: 10 greyscale chapter frontispieces

The Health of Nations

Towards a World Without Contagious Disease

Karen Bartlett

A thrilling account of the world war against contagion and how we can win the battles still to come
9781786070685 (2 Mar 2017)
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The Book

No one will die of smallpox again…

One of the worst killers in history is now consigned to history - perhaps the greatest humanitarian achievement of our age. Now polio, malaria and measles are on the hitlist. The recent outbreaks of Ebola and the Zika virus might suggest the idea of an end to epidemic disease is nothing more than a utopian pipe-dream, but this brave new world is actually a lot closer than you'd think.

Drawing on unprecedented access to individuals and health organisations working in the field, Karen Bartlett provides a dramatic account of the history of eradication, and takes us to the front line of the modern campaigns. From the labs of the CDC to the villages of Nigeria, showing the paranoia surrounding Western spies in Pakistan and the challenges and opportunities raised by shifting conflicts across the Middle East, The Health of Nations is urgent and riveting. Bartlett makes a persuasive case for how we will come to see the last case of polio and shows why it is politics, not science, that will prove to be the final battleground in the war against contagion.

Additional Information

Subject Health, Science
Pages 304
Imprint Oneworld
Illustrations 10 greyscale chapter frontispieces


About the Author

Karen Bartlett is a journalist, film-maker and Sunday Times-bestselling author whose writing has appeared in The Sunday Times, The Times, Newsweek, New Statesman and Wired. When Nelson Mandela was president of the education movement United World Colleges she helped to write his speeches. She lives in London.