The Edge

Pages: 352
Imprint: Oneworld

The Edge

Jamie Collinson

Adam Fairhead is a man in danger of losing everything...
9781786077158 (23 Jan 2020)
RRP £14.99 / US$26.00

The Book

Adam Fairhead is a man in danger of losing everything...

The world that once seemed so pulsatingly cool now seems so vacuous and pointless. The LA record company Adam works for and the endless partying have begun to lose their shine.

But when the gratification ends, all he is left with is the sense that he might just have wasted his life. He needs a miracle to bring him back from the precipice.

The Edge is a brilliant debut from a writer who is not afraid to confront contemporary issues. Perfect for fans of Jay McInerney and John Niven.

Additional Information

Pages 352
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Jamie Collinson was born in 1980 in Lincolnshire, England. He grew up in Leeds, then moved to London to study English Literature at King's College. He works in the music industry, including a period at the independent label Ninja Tune, with artists such as Wiley, Roots Manuva, Bonobo and Young Fathers. In 2012 he moved to Los Angeles to run the company's American headquarters. His fiction has been included in various magazines and anthologies, and he's written non-fiction pieces for Guardian Online, Caught by the River, Somesuch Stories, and a number of British and American print magazines.


'A sharp-eyed look into the global 21st-century music industry from someone who not only lived it, but actively managed the madness. In a land where the car reigns supreme, The Edge never forgets the hidden wilds of Los Angeles.' 

- Ryan Gattis, author of All Involved

'The realest human I met in the music industry, because he never sugar coats nothing, he just speaks truth.'

- Wiley

‘Jamie Collinson's gimlet eye is keen and unrelenting. The Edge is a scathing portrait of the music industry, and a love letter to Los Angeles - but most of all it's a meditation on growing up and letting go. Modern and mordant.'

- Janelle Brown, author of Watch Me Disappear

 ‘Insightful and true, The Edge is the real deal.' 

- Alan Parks, author of Bloody January