The Coffin Club

Pages: 384
Imprint: Point Blank

The Coffin Club

Jacqueline Sutherland

A deliciously twisty psychological thriller debut
9780861542826 (7 Apr 2022)
RRP £16.99

The Book

Some people would kill for a second chance.

Kat is rebuilding her life. After losing her husband in a tragic accident, moving to the countryside is her chance to start again.

Encouraged by her new and only friend Ginny, Kat joins New Horizons, dubbed the Coffin Club by its members. And that's how she meets Nico. Instantly drawn to each other, Nico seems like Kat's perfect match. He is kind, caring, handsome and, most importantly, a father to five-year-old Magdalena. This could be Kat's shot at the one thing she has always wanted: to be a mother.


Additional Information

Pages 384
Imprint Point Blank


About the Author

Jacqueline Sutherland worked in corporate PR and marketing for over 20 years. She began her debut novel, The Coffin Club, on the 2020 Faber Academy Write Your Novel course. Jacqueline lives in Guildford. 


‘Original, unsettling and full of secrets, The Coffin Club is a compelling debut with a superbly twisted end.'

- Sarah Clarke, author of A Mother Never Lies

‘Slippery as an eel, dark and twisted, The Coffin Club's tale of death, deceit and desire is deliciously compelling.' 

- Sabrina Broadbent, author of You Don’t Have to be Good

‘A riveting, deeply disquieting thriller. Original, seamlessly put together and an experience you will never emotionally recover from.'

- Sarah Goodwin, author of Stranded

‘This is a spine-tingling, unputdownable page-turner, and a remarkable debut. I was gripped the whole way through.'

- Lucy Martin, author of Stop at Nothing

‘A dark and gripping debut with sinister undertones from the very first page. I loved it.'

- Sophie Flynn, author of All My Lies

‘A perfect "romantic-noir” - a crime story wrapped up in a love story. The characters draw you in to their world and make you root for them, until a creeping sense of dread make you cower as you wonder where the fatal blow is going to come from. Well-crafted and chilling!'

- S E Moorhead, author of Witness X