The Biggest Ideas in the Universe 1

Pages: 288
Subject: Popular Science
Imprint: Oneworld

The Biggest Ideas in the Universe 1

Spacetime and Motion

Sean Carroll

A groundbreaking new series from bestselling author Sean Carroll
9780861542888 (15 Sep 2022)
RRP £16.99

The Book

Knowledge is power… Here is a landmark series from a stellar voice in popular science.

From a prize-winning scientist and communicator, a major trilogy that will introduce readers to the most interesting and cutting-edge ideas in physics. Sean Carroll opens up the world of physics and shows that you don't need a science degree to understand how the world is put together and works.

In this first book, Carroll asks deep questions about the nature of space, time and change, laying out the framework of classical physics from Galileo and Euclid to Newton and Einstein. Starting with ideas that are centuries old, Spacetime and Motion unpacks the theory of relativity and investigates black holes. This is just the beginning of a journey through the most central and relevant ideas in physics.

Additional Information

Subject Popular Science
Pages 288
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. He won the Royal Society Winton Prize for his book on the search for the elusive Higgs boson, The Particle at the End of the Universe, and The Big Picture was an international bestseller. His most recent book is Something Deeply Hidden. He lives in Los Angeles. @seanmcarroll

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