Tamerlane's Children

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Subject: History
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Tamerlane's Children

Dispatches from Contemporary Uzbekistan

Robert Rand

Drawing on three years' living and traveling in Uzbekistan, respected journalist Robert Rand paints an insightful and captivating picture of this fascinating, confused region.
9781851684571 (10 Aug 2006)
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The Book

Uzbekistan is a country of contradictions. Where legality meets torture and Islam meets a secular state, Uzbekistan is torn between its historical roots, Soviet rule, and modern consumerism. As a vital ally in the ‘War on Terror', yet retaining a deeply troubling record on human rights, even the West is uncertain about how to approach it.

In this vibrant account, respected journalist Robert Rand draws on three years living and travelling in the region to carefully deconstruct the cultural allegiances and tensions that color Uzbek life. From the heritage of the country's beloved hero, Tamerlane, to the clash of cultures in Uzbek pop music, this lively book will captivate the historian, the traveller, and anyone who wishes to understand modern life in the ex-Soviet bloc.

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Subject History
Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld
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About the Author

Robert Rand is a journalist, novelist, independent public radio producer and editor. He has written for the New Yorker and authored several books. He lives in Tarrytown, New York.


"A perceptive book about contemporary Uzbekistan. Rand's brief but valuable Tamerlane's Children begins with dispatches from his time in Uzbekistan including pen portriats which give fascinating insights into comtemporary life there."

- The Times Literary Supplement

"A fitting introduction to a place that is virtually unknown to most people beyond its borders."

- Daily Yomiuri

Table of Contents



Chapter One: 9/11

Chapter Two: Amir Timur

Chapter Three: Sevara of Uzbekistan

Chapter Four: The Oldest Koran

Chapter Five: On Love

Chapter Six: The Horseman

Chapter Seven: Cotton


A Dispatch About Life in Contemporary Uzbekistan