Strange Fascination

Pages: 448
Subject: Fiction
Series: The Essex Witch Museum Mysteries
Imprint: Point Blank

Strange Fascination

An Essex Witch Museum Mystery

Syd Moore

The third novel in the Essex Witch Museum Mysteries

The Book

It's summer in Adders Fork. The sun is out, the sky is blue and things are going swimmingly for Rosie Strange, thank you very much. The Essex Witch Museum has been relaunched with a new Ursula Cadence wing and picnic grounds. 

Then developers roll into the sleepy village to widen the road. When the centuries-old Blackly Be boulder, said to mark the grave of a notorious witch but now in the car park of the Seven Stars, is moved, all hell breaks out. Within hours a slew of peculiar phenomena descends and, when a severed head is discovered atop the boulder, the locals can take no more and storm the Museum to demand someone take action.

Can Rosie and Sam unravel the mystery? And what of the ancient treasure that could drastically change someone's fortunes and offer a motive for murder?

Additional Information

Subject Fiction
Series The Essex Witch Museum Mysteries
Pages 448
Imprint Point Blank


About the Author

Syd Moore lives in Essex where the Rosie Strange novels are set. Prior to writing, she was a lecturer and a presenter on Pulp, the Channel 4 books programme. She is the author of the mystery novels The Drowning PoolWitch Hunt and the Essex Witch Museum Mysteries, Strange Magic and Strange Sight.


'The rarest of things: a book which sets out unashamedly to entertain, and does so with wit, style and erudition.'

- Sarah Perry

‘It was fun to spend time in this little corner of Essex. There was some real threat and excitement as well as a few spooky chills. And proof, as if it needed repeating, that you shouldn't mess with an Essex girl or her family.'

- Crime Review

'Strange Fascination is the most entertaining, intricate, ingeniously structured and beautifully written entry so far... Moore's storytelling has once again achieved a level most other supernaturally-themed mysteries can only dark-dream about.'

- Starburst

‘It makes for a thoroughly good read… Very much recommended.'

- Mystery People

‘Like an episode of Midsomer Murders, we get local rivalries, protestors, sexual undercurrents and nasty deaths - and that's even before the supernatural seems to breaking loose…  All in all I think this book - and the series its part of - an absolute triumph, with its own distinct voice, humour and - at the centre - a rather sweetly romantic story.'

- Bluebookballoon

Praise for Syd Moore:

'A fun and thrilling read, one hugely impressive element is that Moore uses her light tone and intricate character relationships to address some serious points - ranging from people trafficking through to the derogatory stereotype of the Essex Girl. Lead character Rosie Strange is a woman to be admired with her ballsy, no-nonsense attitude, excellent boots and compelling family history. I can't wait to see more of Rosie, Sam and the Essex Witch museum in the future.' Cathi Unsworth, author of Weirdo

‘Dennis Wheatley meets Caitlin Moran.' Starburst

'The Strange novels are a breath of fresh air for fans of supernatural mysteries...all fantastic books...I can't recommend them highly enough' Paranormal Underground