Spirituality in the Land of the Noble

Pages: 224
Subject: Religion: Islam
Imprint: Oneworld Academic
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Spirituality in the Land of the Noble

How Iran Shaped the World's Religions

Richard Foltz

Although today associated exclusively with Islam, Iran has in fact played an unparalleled role within all the world religions, injecting Iranian ideas into the Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, and Manichaean traditions of the merchants who passed along the Silk Roads.
9781851683369 (23 Feb 2004)
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The Book

An evocative journey into a diverse culture, this is the engaging yet long-neglected story of Iran’s influence on the beliefs, practices, and scriptures of the world’s religious traditions. Spanning the full spectrum of Persian history from the earliest settlers right up to the present age, Foltz offers a fascinating and invaluable insight into not only Iranian identity, but also the way in which religious traditions grow and change.

Additional Information

Subject Religion: Islam
Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld Academic
Illustrations 1 map


About the Author

Richard C. Foltz is Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Florida. He is the author of several books, including Religions of the Silk Road (Macmillan, 2000).

Table of Contents

1. The Origins of Iranian Religion 1

2.. Zoroastrianism 17

3. Judaism 43

4. Buddhism 61

5. Christianity 77

6. Cnostic Traditions 97

7. Islam 115

8. The Babi Movement and the Baha'I faith 141

9. Religions in Iran today.

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