Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Pages: 256
Subject: Biography, History
Imprint: Oneworld

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Annette Dumbach, Jud Newborn

In 1942, five young German students and one professor at the University of Munich crossed the threshold of toleration to enter the realms of resistance, danger and death. Protesting in the name of principles Hitler thought he had killed forever, Sophie Scholl and other members of the White Rose could not be content to remain silent in its midst.
9781851685363 (12 Apr 2007)
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The Book

This is the gripping story of the five Munich university students who set up an underground resistance movement in World War II, featured in the award-winning Oscar-nominated film, Sophie Scholl - The Final Days. Republished in 2018 to commemorate the 75 years since their arrest & execution.


Additional Information

Subject Biography, History
Pages 256
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Annette Dumbach is an author, journalist, and university lecturer who currently resides in Munich.

DR JUD NEWBORN is a New York-based scholar, acclaimed multimedia lecturer, and journalist.  Founding Historian [and Co-Creator] of New York's Holocaust museum - the Museum of Jewish Heritage -  he now serves as Special Programs Curator for the Cinema Arts Centre, bringing in Nobel Laureates, Kennedy Center Honorees, and numerous Academy Award, Tony, Emmy, Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winning luminaries to interview before live audiences.


'The valiant students of the White Rose anti-Nazi resistance risked all odds to ‘speak truth to power' while so many others who might have protested chose to remain silent about the destruction of their own civil rights as well as the annihilation of Europe's Jews.  As this compelling account makes clear, the White Rose students still have the power to inspire people from all walks of life to speak out against injustice, reminding us in these troubled times that this is the American Way.'

- Norman Lear, television producer and founder of advocacy organisation 'People for the American Way'

'Unusually powerful and compelling... Among indispensable literature of modern political culture.'

- Das Parlament (Official Publication, German Bundestag)

'This book, chapter by chapter, builds an incontestable argument for the power and possibilities of action over passive acceptance and apathy.'

- UK Jewish Chronicle

'The animated narrative reads like a suspense novel.' 

- The New York Times

 'This is a story that commands our attention.'

- Newsweek International