Social Warming

Pages: 352
Imprint: Oneworld

Social Warming

The Dangerous and Polarising Effects of Social Media

Charles Arthur

9781786079978 (24 Jun 2021)
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The Book

Nobody meant for this to happen.

Facebook didn't mean to facilitate a genocide.

Twitter didn't want to be used to harass women.

YouTube never planned to radicalise young men.

But with billions of users, every time these platforms tweak their algorithms to generate more 'engagement', they bring unrest to previously settled communities and erode our relationships. After all, anger keeps you engaged.

It has been hard to address climate change precisely because it has been happening slowly and in plain sight. In the same way, we urgently need to address this social crisis before we reach an irreversible tipping point.

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Pages 352
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Charles Arthur is a journalist, author and speaker, writing on science and technology for over thirty years. He was technology editor of the Guardian from 2005-2014, and is now carrying out research into social division at Cambridge University. He is the author of two specialist business books, Digital Wars and Cyber Wars