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Beginners Guides give expert analysis on a vast range of topics. Affordable, accessible and fascinating, titles in the list feature the most in-depth introductions available for anyone curious about the way the world works and the big ideas of our time.

‘Few readers can fail to come away armed with invaluable knowledge after dipping into Oneworld’s Beginners Guides series. Insightful and informative, they make mind-boggling concepts simple and stimulate further inquiry.’ Sunday Times

‘Oneworld’s Beginner’s Guides are thought-provoking yet accessible introductions to a myriad of subjects, providing an engagingly written starting point for curious readers while also being substantial enough to challenge those who know more.’ James Crabtree, author of The Billionaire Raj

New and notable Beginner’s Guides

All titles from Beginner's Guides

Fair Trade

Jacqueline DeCarlo

The Small Arms Trade

Matthew Schroeder, Dan Smith, Rachel Stohl

Philosophy of Mind

Edward Feser

Criminal Psychology

Ray Bull, Claire Cooke, Ruth Hatcher


Burt Guttman


Ruth Kinna

Quantum Physics

Alistair I. M. Rae

Evolutionary Psychology

Robin Dunbar, John Lycett, Louise Barrett


Kevin Hart


Burton Guttman, David Suzuki, Tara Cullis, Anthony Griffiths

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