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Pages: 216
Subject: Popular Science
Imprint: Oneworld

Rocket Man

And Other Extraordinary Characters in the History of Flight

David Darling

The perfect Christmas gift for all armchair adventurers and skyward dreamers!
9781780742977 (3 Oct 2013)
RRP £12.99 / US$18.00
9781780744094 (1 Oct 2015)
RRP £0.00 / US$14.99

The Book

The wonder of flight has long captured the human imagination. In this beguiling history - ranging from the first aircraft to astronauts and beyond - David Darling tells the stories of the true life adventurers whose wonder has translated into bizarre contraptions, magnificent achievements and, sometimes, startling folly.

Discover outrageous attempts to fly like a bird and fall from the edge of space. Meet Napoleonic ballooniste Sophie Blanchard and her daredevil husband; the real "X-Men” who flew the supersonic experimental "X-planes” for the US Air Force; stuntman Lincoln Beachey, looping-the-loop in a pinstripe suit; and, of course, The Rocket Man himself: Yves Rossy, who in 2006 was the first person to cross the English Channel using a jet-pack.

Eccentric and reckless, Darling's daring cast of dreamers is guaranteed to entertain and inspire.

Additional Information

Subject Popular Science
Pages 216
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

David Darling is a science writer and astronomer. He is the author of many books, including the bestselling Equations of Eternity, and the popular online resource The Worlds of David Darling. With Dirk Schulze-Makuch he wrote Megacatastrophes!: Nine Strange Ways the World Could End. He lives in Dundee, Scotland.


"Gripping... dazzling tales of madness and derring-do."

- Brian Clegg, author of Inflight Science

"A hugely enjoyable roller-coaster aerial ride in the company of oddballs and heroes, complete with acts of mindless msochism in the name of science."

- Jonathan Clancy, author of Spitfire: The Biography


- Wall Street Journal

"A mix of good old-fashioned silliness and some fine science writing.”

- BBC Focus

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