Risen From Ruins

Pages: 352
Subject: Current Affairs
Imprint: Oneworld

Risen From Ruins

Germany's Political Revival, 1945-2020

Peter Conradi

A step-by-step account of how Germany rose from the rubble of World War II to become a political, economic and social powerhouse
9781786079336 (6 Oct 2022)
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The Book

Seventy-five years ago, the idea of Germany leading Europe was unthinkable.

Morally and economically bankrupt, the country lay in ruins. But even as it was divided into the communist East and capitalist West, Germany rebuilt its industry and an economic miracle occurred. When the wall between them fell, the country became a unique social democracy and an economic powerhouse.

Today, Germany may be the acknowledged leader of Europe, but it has its own problems to contend with. With the stalwart Angela Merkel set to step down and an emboldened ultra-right gaining ever more influence, the future remains unknown.

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Subject Current Affairs
Pages 352
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Peter Conradi is foreign editor of the Sunday Times. He studied at Oxford University and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and has been based in Brussels, Zurich and Moscow in his role as foreign correspondent for the Sunday Times. His previous books include Who Lost Russia, Hitler's Piano Player and The King's Speech, co-authored with Mark Logue, which inspired the Oscar-winning film. He speaks fluent German, French, Italian and Russian. 



‘The author's skill in seamlessly linking historical events to present-day international relations makes this book an insightful and rewarding read.'

- Prospect

‘Conradi wisely examines the forest's contours, avoiding the trees. He writes engagingly and enlivens his smart, balanced analysis with colorful anecdotes.'

- New York Times Book Review

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