Resurrection Reconsidered

Pages: 240
Imprint: Oneworld Academic

Resurrection Reconsidered

This collection of essays explores one of the fundamentals of Christianity - the resurrection. The essays reflect the diversity of responses, drawing from different schools of theological thought. The book then considers the resurrection in a controversial interreligious context.
9781780747408 (18 Sep 2014)
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The Book

Resurrection reconsidered revisits the vexed question arguably at the very heart of the Christian faith: What is the nature of the resurrection? The first part of this stimulating collection of essays, drawn from an international team of writers, examines the resurrection itself and reflects the many different positions within contemporary Christian thought, ranging from a defence of the resurrection as a literal historical event, through to an outright rejection of the resurrection, and a feminist- psychoanalytic critique. The book then explores the resurrection within an equally controversial arena: Christianity and other religions- pushing the debate into a broader, interreligious context.

For scholars, students, clergy and all those concerned with Christianity in the modern world, Resurrection Reconsidered offers an exciting foretaste of the type of debate that will mark a pluralist twenty-first century.

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Pages 240
Imprint Oneworld Academic


About the Author

Gavin D'Costa is Senior Lecturer in Theology at the University of Bristol.

Table of Contents

1. The Resurrection in Contemporary New Testament Scholarship 13

2. The Resurrection in Contemporary Systematic Theology 31

3. The baseless Fabric of a Vision 48

4. History and the Reality of the Resurrection 62

5. The Resurrection of Christ: Hope for the world 73

6. Between the Cherubim: The empty Tomb and the Empty Throne 87

7. Christ's Body in its Fullness: Resurrection and the Lives of the Saints 102

8. Living in Christ: Story, Resurrection and Salvation 118

9. Sexuality and the Resurrection of the Body: reflections in a Hall of Mirrors 135

10. The Resurrection, the Holy Spirit and the World Religions 150

11. The Resurrection of Jesus and the Qur'an 168

12. The Resurrection of Jesus 184

13. The Resurrection and Buddhism 201