Pages: 224
Subject: Anthropology, Philosophy, Politics
Series: Beginner's Guides
Imprint: Oneworld


A Beginner's Guide

Alana Lentin

Informative and intelligent, this invaluable resource exposes the dangers of racist thought, and why it remains part of our everyday lives.
9781851685431 (1 Aug 2008)
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The Book

The subject of race, and exactly what this means, has become more important since 9-11 than ever before. Alana Lentin traces its development through political history right up to modern debates about ethnicity and xenophobia, and considers the implications of a ‘raceless' and truly multicultural society. Thought-provoking and intelligent, this invaluable resource exposes the earliest roots of racist thought, and reveals how it has tenaciously remained a part of our everyday lives.

Additional Information

Subject Anthropology, Philosophy, Politics
Series Beginner's Guides
Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Alana Lentin is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Sussex. She is the author of Racism and Anti-Racism in Europe (2004) and is a regular contributor to openDemocracy.net. For more information please visit www.alanalentin.net.