Progressive Muslims

Pages: 351
Subject: Religion: Islam
Series: Islam in the Twenty-First Century
Imprint: Oneworld Academic

Progressive Muslims

On Justice, Gender and Pluralism

Omid Safi

A probing, frank, and intellectually refreshing testament to the capacity of Islam for renewal, change, and growth.
9781851683161 (21 Apr 2003)
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The Book

Developed in response to the events of September 11, 2001, these 14 articles from prominent Muslim thinkers offer a provocative reassessment of Islam's relationship with the modern world. Confronting issues such as racism, justice, sexuality and gender, this book reveals the real challenges faced by Muslims of both sexes in contemporary Western society.

A probing, frank, and intellectually refreshing testament to the capacity of Islam for renewal, change, and growth, these articles from fifteen Muslim scholars and activists address the challenging and complex issues that confront Muslims today. Avoiding fundamentalist and apologetic approaches, the book concentrates on the key areas of debate in progressive Islamic thought: "Contemporary Islam," "Gender Justice," and "Pluralism."

With further contributions on subjects as diverse and controversial as the alienation of Muslim youth; Islamic law, marriage, and feminism; and the role of democracy in Islam, this volume will prove thought-provoking for all those interested in the challenges of justice and pluralism facing the Muslim world as it confronts the twenty-first century.



List of contributors


Introduction: The times they are a-changin' - a Muslim quest for justice, gender equality and pluralism

Omid Safi



1. The ugly modern and the modern ugly: reclaiming the beautiful in Islam

Khaled Abou El Fadl


2. In search of progressive Islam beyond 9/11

Farid Esack


3. Islam: a civilizational project in progress

Ahmet Karamustafa


4. The debts and burdens of critical Islam

Ebrahim Moosa


5. On being a scholar of Islam: risks and responsibilities

Tazim R. Kassam



6. Transforming feminism: Islam, women and gender justice

Sa‘diyya Shaikh


7. Progressive Muslims and Islamic jurisprudence: the necessity for critical engagement with marriage and divorce law

Kecia Ali


8. Sexuality, diversity and ethics in the agenda of progressive Muslims

Scott Siraj al-Haqq Kugle


9. Are we up to the challenge? The need for a radical re-ordering of the Islamic discourse on women

Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons



10. Muslims, pluralism, and interfaith dialogue

Amir Hussain


11. American Muslim identity: race and ethnicity in progressive Islam

Amina Wadud


12. Islamic democracy and pluralism

Ahmad S. Moussalli


13. How to put the genie back in the bottle? "Identity” Islam and Muslim youth cultures in America

Marcia Hermansen


14. What is the victory of Islam? Towards a different understanding of the Ummah and political success in the contemporary world

Farish A. Noor


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Subject Religion: Islam
Series Islam in the Twenty-First Century
Pages 351
Imprint Oneworld Academic


About the Author

Omid Safi is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of North Carolina. He specialises in the study of the Islamic mystical tradition, the pre-modern history of the Islamic world, and contemporary Musliim thought, and has written books and articles on these subjects.


"A significant and welcome efforet providing an analytic overview by some contemporary progressive Muslim scholars. The book offers a very incisive critique and highlights the compelling need for a wholesome and rational approach to the issues."

- Islamic Studies Journal