Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Pages: 144
Subject: Politics, Current Affairs
Imprint: Oneworld

Political Correctness Gone Mad?

Jordan B. Peterson, Michael Eric Dyson, Michelle Goldberg, Stephen Fry

Has political correctness gone too far?

The Book

‘Without free speech there is no true thought.' 

-Jordan Peterson

‘If you're white, this country is one giant safe space.'

-Michael Eric Dyson

The Munk debate on political correctness

Is political correctness an enemy of free speech, sparking needless conflict? Or is it a weapon in the fight for equality, restoring dignity to the downtrodden? How should we talk about the things that matter most in an era of rapid social change? Four thinkers take on one of the most heated debates in the culture wars of the twenty-first century.

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Subject Politics, Current Affairs
Pages 144
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON is Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, a New York Times contributing opinion writer and a contributing editor of The New Republic.

MICHELLE GOLDBERG is a New York Times Op-Ed columnist and award-winning author.

STEPHEN FRY is a bestselling author, broadcaster, BAFTA-nominated actor and screenwriter.

JORDAN PETERSON is Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and author of the international bestseller Twelve Rules for Life.