Pascal's Fire

Pages: 224
Subject: Religion, Philosophy
Imprint: Oneworld

Pascal's Fire

Scientific Faith and Religious Understanding

Keith Ward

In the midst of global resurgence of interest in religion, and especially religion's relation to scientific knowledge, this book aims to offer an erudite and original perspective on one of mankind's oldest debates.
9781851684465 (27 Jun 2006)
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The Book

Groundbreaking, ingenious and devastatingly clear, Keith Ward's Pascal's Fire is guaranteed to reignite the timeless dispute of whether scientific advancement threatens religious belief. Turning the conventional debate on its head, Ward suggests that the existence of God is actually the best starting-point for a number of the most famous scientific positions.

From quantum physics to evolution, the suggestion of an ‘ultimate mind' adds a new dimension to scientific thought, enhancing rather than detracting from its greatest achievements. Also responding to potential criticisms that his ultimate mind is unrecognisable as the God of Abraham, Ward examines our most fundamental beliefs in a new light. Emerging with a conception of God that is consistent with both science and the world's major faiths, this ambitious project will fascinate believers and sceptics alike.

Additional Information

Subject Religion, Philosophy
Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Keith Ward is Professor of Divinity, Gresham College, London. He is the best-selling author of God: A Guide for the Perplexed, also published by Oneworld.


"Ward is a reliable and entertaining tour guide who explains clearly an extensive arena of ideas in a concise, readable and logical manner. Atheists, agnostics and theists alike will find much in this book on which to chew."

- Chemistry World

--Author Keith Ward's article "Beyond Boundaries: the infinite creator" appeared in The Tablet.

- Tablet