Our Woman in Havana

Pages: 384
Subject: History, Current Affairs
Imprint: Oneworld

Our Woman in Havana

Reporting Castro’s Cuba

Sarah Rainsford

A BBC correspondent's insight into a nation on the brink of change
9781786073990 (6 Sep 2018)
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The Book

From inside this tightly controlled one-party state, Sarah Rainsford, the BBC's ‘woman in Havana' for three years, reports on lives shaped by Fidel Castro's giant social experiment and how the nation feels as the six-decade rule of the Castros comes to an end.

Seeking a window into pre-revolutionary Cuba, she searches for the ghosts of Graham Greene's Havana and the paths walked by other visiting writers hooked on a city where ‘every vice was permissible'. Through all these stories and those still being told, Our Woman in Havana weaves an enthralling, atmospheric portrait of this enigmatic country as it teeters, once more, at a historic crossroads.

Additional Information

Subject History, Current Affairs
Pages 384
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Sarah Rainsford has worked for the BBC for twenty years, beginning her reporting in Russia where her team's coverage of the Beslan school siege won a SONY Gold Award. She has since been posted to Istanbul and Madrid before heading for Havana in 2011. She is now the BBC Moscow correspondent. This is her first book.


‘An unmissable insight into a still hidden world.'

- Mishal Husain