One Step Ahead

Pages: 400
Subject: Economics, Business
Imprint: Oneworld

One Step Ahead

Private Equity and Hedge Funds After the Global Financial Crisis

Timothy Spangler

A jargon-free guide to how investment funds operate and how they have broken free of financial crises to grow and prosper
9781780749228 (3 Mar 2016)
RRP £14.99 / US$19.99

The Book

In One Step Ahead, Timothy Spangler - author of the award-winning blog "Law of the Market” - provides a compelling account of how flexible and entrepreneurial investment firms can prosper in a volatile and rapidly changing financial world.

From the Occupy Movement to the purchase of well-known household brands by private equity firms, Spangler investigates how the structures of alternative investment funds enable them to adapt and react nimbly and effectively to today's shifting economic and financial landscape. Unpicking the debates and putting disputes in context, Spangler answers the difficult questions:

  • Are new regulations sufficient to prevent another global financial crash?

  • Have regulators got to grips with the institutional failings that allowed Bernie Madoff to fleece investors?

  • Instead of a hedge fund problem or even a private equity problem do we simply have a public pension plan problem?

One Step Ahead is the essential, jargon-free guide to understanding how private equity and hedge funds drive financial markets and how they have become vital wealth creation vehicles for both private and public investors in the global economy.

Additional Information

Subject Economics, Business
Pages 400
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

TIMOTHY SPANGLER is a contributor and writes the award-winning blog Law of the Market. He spent two decades working on Wall Street and in the City of London, and is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law and a Visiting Lecturer at University College London's Faculty of Law. He regularly appears as a financial commentator on CNN, CNBC, BBC, and Sky News.


‘Finally a book that sheds a knowledgeable light on the private equity and hedge fund worlds. Long demonized by the media, Spangler has humanized these often secretive industry sectors all the while revealing just how essential they are.'

- John Tamny – Political Editor, Forbes

‘An excellent insight… Written in a very readable and accessible style, this book should be read by anyone wanting to learn more about this important and politically contentious sector.'

- Professor Julia Black – London School of Economics