On the Other Side of Freedom

Pages: 240
Subject: Current Affairs, Biography, Politics
Imprint: Oneworld

On the Other Side of Freedom

Race and Justice in a Divided America

DeRay Mckesson

Our work needs no more martyrs. You can fight these fights and live.
9781786076519 (11 Apr 2019)
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The Book

Five years ago, DeRay Mckesson quit his job as a schoolteacher, moved to Ferguson, Missouri, and spent the next 400 days on the streets as an activist, helping to bring the Black Lives Matter movement into being. Even when the police made it illegal to stand still, they refused to back down. Now, in his first book, Mckesson lays down the intellectual, pragmatic, and political framework for a new liberation movement.

Honest, courageous, and imaginative, On the Other Side of Freedom is a work brimming with hope. Drawing on his own experiences - of growing up without his mother, with a father in recovery, of having a house burn down and a bully chase him home from school, of pacifying a traffic cop at gunpoint, of determined activism on the streets and in the White House - Mckesson asks us to imagine the best of what is possible. Honouring the voices of a new generation of activists, On the Other Side of Freedom is a visionary's call to take responsibility for imagining, and then building, the world we want to live in.

Additional Information

Subject Current Affairs, Biography, Politics
Pages 240
Imprint Oneworld



Hope and insight and empathy spring from every page of On the Other Side of Freedom. DeRay McKesson cools our fears of the struggle, ever guiding us on how to struggle. He stares down the faces of bigotry and unfreedom and cynicism and doesn't flinch in writing out our marching orders toward freedom.'

- Ibram X. Kendi, National Book Award-winning author Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

‘From within the heart of the Ferguson protests, DeRay Mckesson writes with a pace you couldn't learn in any writing class. He forces anyone who reads his words to understand the humanity of the black body; the black body that has otherwise been demonised, made monster-like, or contorted into some negative narrative. A vital read, if you are to truly know resistance, and the stories it gives rise to.'

- Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie

On the Other Side of Freedom reveals the mind and motivations of a young man who has risen to the fore of millennial activism through study, discipline, and conviction. His belief in a world that can be made better, one act at a time, powers his narratives and opens up a view on the costs, consequences, and rewards of leading a movement.'

- Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Mckesson and a core group of other activists have built the most formidable American protest movement of the 21st century to date.'

- New York Times

An inspiring reminder that hope is vital to any political change, and it's the driving force for any successful attempt at social justice.'

- Esquire (Best Nonfiction Books of 2018)

‘Riveting and affecting . . . written with astounding poetry, vulnerability, and flair. Mckesson is a gifted, pointed storyteller.'

- The Village Voice