Pages: 256
Subject: Current Affairs, Politics
Imprint: Oneworld


How the NHS Was Betrayed - and How We Can Save It

Jacky Davis, Raymond Tallis

An explosive polemic revealing how the NHS was butchered by reform - & how we can revive this national treasure while we still have the chance
9781780743288 (5 Jul 2013)
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The Book

The Coalition Government passed into law an unprecedented assault on the NHS. Doctors, unions, the media, even politicians who claimed to be stalwart defenders failed to protect it. Now the effect of those devastating reforms are beginning to be felt by patients - but we can still save our country's most valued institution if we take lessons from this terrible betrayal and act on them.


Contributors to this eye-opening dissection include Dr Jacky Davis, Oliver Huitson, Dr John Lister, Stewart Player, Prof. Allyson Pollock, David Price, Prof. Raymond Tallis, Dr Charled West and Dr David Wrigley.


Proceeds from the profits of this book will go to Keep Our NHS Public (www.keepournhspublic.com).

Additional Information

Subject Current Affairs, Politics
Pages 256
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Acclaimed author of Hippocratic Oaths, Dr Raymond Tallis was for many years a geriatric physician. Dr Jacky Davis is a consultant radiologist at Whittington Hospital London and member of the British Medical Association council. She is also co-founder of Keep Our NHS Public and the National Health Action party. Contributors include Oliver Huitson (Open Democracy), Dr John Lister (London Health Emergency), Stewart Player (The Plot against the NHS), David Price (Queen Mary, University of London), Allyson Pollock (Queen Mary, U of L), Dr Charles West (Lib-Dem candidate), and Dr David Wrigley (BMA GP committee). Ken Loach's new documentary The Spirit of '45 celebrates the creation of Britain's welfare state


‘Important and very timely… has the most extensive and specific ‘What You Can Do’ section I’ve ever seen… an essential weapon for activists’

- Peace News

‘Essential reading… These public intellectuals with expert knowledge spell out the systemic weakening by successive Conservative and New Labour governments, culminating in the coalition's demolition of its very foundations. They are very, very angry; we should be as well - and, what's more, protesting.'

- Times Higher Education Supplement, Books of the Year

‘When you turn round and notice that the NHS as you have known it no longer exists - its principles rewritten, its ownerships and services alienated - you might wonder exactly who did exactly what to this much-admired institution. NHS SOS presents the lethargy, dishonesty and corruption without which this executive coup would not have come about. It is a cogent, sobering and necessary read.' 

- Julian Barnes

‘Across society, there is a realisation that the National Health Service is one of our greatest social achievements and that to keep it is an enormous political challenge. This book is a weapon in that struggle.' 

- Ken Loach

‘Buy this book… act.' 

- Observer

‘It is in NHS SOS that one finds the soul of a healthcare system that the public is not prepared to see destroyed.' 

- Prospect

‘Courageous and persuasive… This book should be read by all those who love the NHS and wish to try at this late hour to protect it.' 

- The Lancet