Nazira Zeineddine

Pages: 164
Subject: Religion: Islam
Series: Makers of the Muslim World
Imprint: Oneworld Academic
Illustrations: ill

Nazira Zeineddine

A Pioneer of Islamic Feminism

Miriam Cooke

The only biography in English of this important figure in Islamic history.

The Book

In 1928, a young Lebanese woman, Nazira Zeineddine al-Halabi, wrote a book called "Unveiling and Veiling", an indictment of patriarchal oppression in which she boldly stated that the veil was un-Islamic, directly challenging the teachings of wiser" male scholars. Considered by many an attack on Islam, it rocked the Muslim world and was banned by many clerics, although it quickly went into a second edition and was translated into several languages. In this latest addition to Makers of the Muslim World series, Miriam Cooke offers an intimate portrait of the life and work of this pioneering champion of Islamic feminism.

Additional Information

Subject Religion: Islam
Series Makers of the Muslim World
Pages 164
Imprint Oneworld Academic
Illustrations ill


About the Author

Miriam Cooke is Professor of Modern Arabic literature and Culture at Duke University.

Table of Contents







1 Early Arab Feminisms

2 The Twilight of the Ottomans

3 Islamic Lessons

4 Religious Interlocutors

5 The Book

6 "The Girl” Writes Back

7 What Went Wrong?



8 Marriage

9 The Afterlife of a Writer





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