Pages: 544
Subject: Religion
Imprint: Oneworld


The Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness

Evelyn Underhill

Written for anyone who wishes to pursue a thorough investigation into the mystical life, this text provides an introduction to mysticism and a complete guide to the mystical path.
9781851681969 (26 Aug 1999)
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The Book

In this classic introduction to mysticism, Underhill draws on hundreds of sources to present a unique study of the mystical experience.

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Subject Religion
Pages 544
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

Evelyn Underhill, a novelist and poet, published her first book in 1902 but her growing interest in mysticism led in 1911 to her greatest work. Mysticism immediately established Underhill as the leading writer in the field, and she continued her work by writing many more significant and acclaimed books and essays. In 1921 she became Upton Lecturer in the Philosophy of Religion at Manchester College, and she was the first woman to give a series of lectures on theology at Oxford.

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