Pages: 224
Subject: History
Imprint: Oneworld


From Empire to Independence

C.R. Pennell

Richard Pennell charts the rich history of Morocco in this accessible account. Tracing the key moments, from the Phoenician invasion in the 12th century BCE to the Saharan conflicts, this narrative examines the many influences that have shaped Moroccan history.
9781851686346 (23 Jan 2009)
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The Book

Beginning with Morocco's incorporation into the Roman Empire, this book charts the country's uneasy passage to the 21st century and reflects on the nation of citizens that is emerging from a diverse population of Arabs, Berbers, and Africans. This history of Morocco provides a glimpse of an imperial world, from which only the architectural treasures remain, and a profound insight into the economic, political, and cultural influences that will shape this country's future.

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Subject History
Pages 224
Imprint Oneworld


About the Author

C.R. Pennell is Al-Tajir Lecturer in Middle Eastern History at the University of Melbourne in Australia. He is an expert on contemporary Middle Eastern and Norh African history, and has taught in several countries including Libya and Turkey.


"The best overview available in English. Pennell displays his mastery of the extensive body of literature on Morocco. An exemplar of a national history survey."

- Digest of Middle East Studies

"Pennell undertakes an ambitious endeavour and accomplishes it in a remarkable fashion. Much more readable than similar works on the history of North Africa."

- The Middle East Journal