Monstrous Devices

Pages: 352
Subject: Fiction
Imprint: Rock the Boat

Monstrous Devices


Damien Love

9781786077523 (19 Mar 2020)
RRP £12.99
9781786078742 (28 Jan 2021)
RRP £7.99

The Book

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Subject Fiction
Pages 352
Imprint Rock the Boat


About the Author

Damien Love was born in Scotland and lives in Glasgow, where, even as you read these words, it is raining. He is the author of several books on film and filmmakers, and is the TV critic for Scotland's broadsheet, The Sunday Herald. He has the ability to talk to cats, but there is no evidence that they understand him. Monstrous Devices is his first novel. Learn more at



'A superbly assured debut… an effortless, atmospheric evocation of place and history combine in an unforgettable, immersive reading experience.'

- Guardian

'Hugely original, exciting debut novel by Damien Love. He has built a fantastical but entirely believable world with scary killer robots oiled to perfection with automaton history, surprising characters and dry humour... Get hold of a copy, wind it up and let yourself go.'

- The Times

'One of the most acclaimed, exciting new children's series in years... A hugely appealing adventure for all ages, which seems almost certain to be adapted for the screen.'

- The Herald

'A breakneck adventure story, told thrillingly.'

- Sunday Times

'Another assured debut that takes its protagonist somewhere unexpected... Fans of Anthony Horowitz will love Monstrous Devices.'

- Irish Times

'I was gripped from the first page of Monstrous Devices by Scottish author Damien Love. It is making me look at robots suspiciously . . . and I can't wait to see what happens next!'

- Scottish Book Trust

‘An ingenious tale, the familiar fights and flight scenario kept interesting by the figure of grandfather, a kind of ageing James Bond.'

- Books for Keeps

'An adventure story [that] moves at a fast pace.'

- School Librarian

'Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Toy Story.'

- Publishers Weekly

'Monstrous Devices effortlessly brings mythic legend and modern life together in one exhilarating, breathless chase. With humour, relentless adventure, and true insight, he compels us to look closely at our wishes and illusions, at the dark and light forces of creation, at what really makes us tick.'

- S. E. Grove, bestselling author of The Glass Sentence

'Damien Love's Monstrous Devices is an atmospheric, adventure-packed debut, which will surely appeal to fans of Jonathan Stroud's immersive, multi-layered novels.'

- Love Reading, debut of the month

'This is an immensely entertaining adventure tale, with Scottish author Love's masterful manipulation of pacing alternately drawing out tension or speeding up life-and-death clashes to keep the pages furiously turning. Atmospheric and cinema ready.'

- BCCB review

'I enjoyed everything about Damien Love's debut - its title, its breakneck action, its sly sense of humour. If you imagine Rick and Morty colliding with early Spielberg, you get some idea of this delirious adventure...and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it on the screen. I wish my first novel had been as imaginative and assured.'

- Anthony Horowitz

'A great read. The descriptive writing really created an incredible image in my mind of what was happening. Can't wait for the sequel.'

- Max, aged 14

'Mysterious and frightening...a well-crafted adventure that's filled with desperate chases, narrow escapes, fight scenes, and twists.'

- Publishers Weekly, starred review

'The elements of the story are strong and put me on the edge of my seat throughout reading this masterpiece.'

- Olly, aged 16

'What fun! An evil villain, a host of scary robots, big and small, and a hero with commendably bad personal habits. Loved it!'

- John Flanagan, New York Times bestselling author of the Ranger’s Apprentice series

'A well-knit debut generously stocked with chills, thrills, and chancy exploits.'

- Kirkus

'The action was so gripping that I thought I was in the book... great for all young ages that love a fantasy filled with amazing description and daredevil stunts. Can't wait for the sequel!'

- Barnaby, aged 11

'What a heart-stopping adventure…With twists and turns, thrills, suspense and secrets, this is captivating.'

- Harry, aged 13

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