Pages: 400
Subject: Fiction
Imprint: Rock the Boat


(Mindwalker, Book 1)

A. J. Steiger

A brilliant new voice in YA fiction, Steiger brings us the first in a series of dystopian novels with all the power and emotional punch of Lowry's The Giver.



9781780747248 (4 Jun 2015)
RRP £8.99

The Book


It is the future. There is no war, no social unrest, no painful memories…and no freedom. The government maintains peace and tranquility by brain-wiping all disturbing experiences.

At just seventeen, Lain Fisher is the youngest therapist at the Institute to master the art of Mindwalking - using a direct neural link to erase her clients' traumatic memories. But when a troubled classmate asks for her help, Lain's superiors warn her that Steven's scars are too deep, the risk is too great. Yet as she defies their warnings and explores Steven's memories, it becomes clear that something is very, very wrong. Is the Institute really an organisation of healing, or one of manipulation and state control? And is there more to Lain's father's suicide than meets the eye?

Meet Lain, and follow her into a dystopian world of memory modification, and a society of surveillance, stigma and secrets.

Additional Information

Subject Fiction
Pages 400
Imprint Rock the Boat


About the Author

A.J. Steiger majored in Fiction Writing at Columbia College, Chicago, and her lifelong interest in psychology and social justice issues led her to write Mindwalker. This is her debut novel and its sequel, Mindstormer, is to follow. She lives in Illinois, USA.



‘A vivid future world... balance[s] plot with thought-provoking contemplation about what makes personalities complete.'

- Kirkus

 'a fascinating concept with totally believable characters, all handled with intelligence and skill'.


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